Facility Options


The Athletic Training Complex is focused on providing training space as a priority.  You will find a great deal of "preferred" training hours available.  We have two training fields with turf and goals. 


We are not looking to squeeze you in around are league play, but want to help maximize the results of your training session.  We will have training aids available for use during your training sessions.

Blue Training Area

This training area is completely boarded with Futsal goals.  It's commonly compared to a Futsal field with the bonus feature of boards.  It's not only great for training, but great for small sided games.  The boards keep the ball in constant play, which is great for improving fitness level and development of technical abilities.



Red Training Area

This area is a very versatile area as the Futsal goals can be moved around based on your training plans.  The walls provide a great opportunity to incorporate indivudual wall drills for passing and shooting, thus maximizing the number of touches a player can get on the ball.




Throughout the year we will have tournaments scheduled.  Please check out our Tournament tab for more information.