Bring your group to play your sport!
Bring your group to play your sport!


The Athletic Training Complex is focused on providing training space as a priority.  You will find a great deal of "preferred" training hours available.  We have two training fields with turf and goals. 


We are not looking to squeeze you in around our league play, but want to help maximize the results of your training session.  Our enclosed space allows the balls to stay in your training area, which allows for less time chasing balls and increases the amount of repetitions the players get during practice.


Our walls on each field provide a great opportunity to incorporate individual wall drills for passing and shooting, thus maximizing the number of touches a player can get on the ball during a training session.  If you're looking to scrimmage, our space imitates the "street style" environment that many players in South America and Europe grew up playing.  The players will find themselves under constant pressure and have to play quickly and make quick decisions.  When they get back to a full outdoor field, they will find that their training in this environment will now "slow" the game down for them.  The high pressure they were under in our training environment will translate to an improved player in a full sided game.


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Blue Training Area
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Athletic Training Complex

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We do not have set hours.  Hours of operation are based on bookings for each day.

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